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Dear future member of Find Your Way,

I designed this program with you in mind. I see how badly you want to figure it all out. How proud and excited you want to feel about yourself, your life and your impact on the world. The amazing adventures you crave from world travel, to romantic flings and fun nights out. I also know how hard it can be when it feels like we are living on the outside of that life, confused about how to get there or where to start.

So I created a starting point, a foundation. 

By getting to know your design, you begin to see yourself again with fresh eyes. And you begin to like the person you see. Since you often forget how amazing you truly are, let this be your reminder. And let this course kickoff your greatest adventure yet. The adventure of you. 

live empowered 

There’s a voice inside of us that always knows. It knows the job isn't right, the relationship IS right, the alcohol isn't right, the trip IS. How do we start to really trust and listen to this voice without fear of where it will lead us?

What is Human Design? A tool that brought me back into my body. We are all designed differently, but most of our culture does not value this fact. Begin to reclaim your personal power as you learn your design.

What can the stars say about your purpose and personality?  The sign that you are familiar with is your Sun sign, but there's a lot more to your chart than that! This course will deepen your understanding of Sun, Moon, Rising signs as well as the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water. 

Discover the  history of Tarot and learn how to begin a practice of your own. 

Tarot: Deepen your connection to the voice that always knows

Astrology: Uncover more of your true Purpose in this lifetime

Human Design: feel embodied in who you are and how you move through the world

Intro: Beginning to listen to ourselves 

The Agenda

Covering the topics above, view at your own convenience!

Including details on your Human Design Energy type, your Astrology Chart and tarot birth cards. Lot's of fun details in this one!

A personalized chart document

4 Pre-recorded short videos

A 1:1 Deep dive 

A 1 hour coaching call to discuss your charts and anything else that is coming up for you. 

Month long voxer support

For any support that you need! Pop in to Voxer with Q's about the material or just to say hello :) I love connecting over voice notes!

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