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Hey there. Maggie here.

I’d like to share a story with you.

There once was a woman who felt...not much of anything except detached and frustrated.

Dissatisfied with her weight, her corporate job, her relationships, her drinking habits…everything. 

Wanting to make a change, she sought the advice of countless self-help books offering guidance on the daily habits of successful people. One of these books was a five-minute gratitude journal that had enough space for 6 months of daily gratitude practice...

Okay, you get the gist. Yes, that woman is me and my six month gratitude journal spans the course of…


The majority of my entries are the same.

In the “What would make today great?” section, my response each day was similar: Eat healthy, Work out, Meditate, Be present, Read, Meditate some more... wasn't quite working for me. 

I was inconsistent. 

I wrote one line one day and zero the next. 
I couldn't keep a routine for longer than a few weeks. 
SO I was back to square one. Where to go next?

Somehow, the right book found me at this time.

Martha Beck’s “The Way of Integrity.” The title kinda put me off when I first saw it. “Integrity” sounded intense, but I read it anyway.

She joked that her job as a Life Coach was to tell people, “YES, You can do whatever you want with your life.”
But, what DID I want to do with my life?
This is the moment in the movies where a spotlight shines on the lead character’s head, a choir sings in the background, and little blue butterflies flutter prettily in a circle.
LOL but no, for me, the moment was coated in DREAD. Because that question was still standing there, and I had no answer.
But the simple acknowledgement that I didn’t know what to do with my life was a relief. It allowed me to start to slowly rebuild it.

Asking the question: What do YOU want to do with your life?

I always knew what I was missing from my career:

I didn’t feel valuable, I didn’t feel like I was *helping* people.

Life coaching is a way to do that. Asking the big questions of life, helping and guiding you through your own sh*t.


And if you have a moment of crisis, if you don’t see the butterflies and hear the music, if you feel paralyzed that the answer isn’t shining down from the heavens…
I’d love to hear from you!