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As though you aren't quite 'there yet?'

Dear Seeker,

What's weighing you down?

There's a sadness when you realize you haven't been listening to yourself for a long time.

And a frustration that you don't know how to START.

Get started

Do you know? Or are you not quite sure? 

But you feel unsettled? As though something is missing? 

So you think, maybe I just need to:

Find a new job

Find a relationship

End a relationship

move to a new city

Lose weight

stop drinking

take a vacation

Some of those things  may be pieces to the puzzle.

know your Self.

I'll save you some time and buckets of angst.

But what you're really seeking is to

Hi hey hello, I'm Maggie!

For the majority of my life, I was haunted by the word ‘purpose.’ What did this word even mean and why did I feel the lack of purpose so strongly in my own life? This question often left me stuck, feeling like a forever seeker never meeting my own potential. Last year, I resolved to finally find an answer to this question. 

I signed up for every self-discovery tool I could find. And I mean EVERY.

I say all this because I’ve LIVED it. 

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Tarot Readings, Astrology Readings, Human Design Readings, Akashic Records Readings, Acupuncture sessions, chakra clearing sessions, EFT, IET, RTT sessions (Yes those are all things! ) Reiki, Breath-work, Sound healing, Starseed mediations, health & wellness retreats, extended world travel trips, working with a Life Coach, a Meditation Coach, a Women's Embodiment Coach, another Life Coach. Enrollment in Martha Becks Wayfinder Life Coach certification course, Online Tarot courses and Human Design teacher trainings. (Honestly probably more that I'm forgetting!)


All of these experiences brought me to the following realizations:
  • There is so much more to this world than our eyes can see. 
  • My purpose in this lifetime is the same as yours. We  are here to be ourselves. And to have fun doing it. 
  • In order to be ourselves, we must know ourselves.  This starts by listening to ourselves. 

- Chrystina H. 

Coaching sessions with Maggie are fun and enlightening. She has a deeply calm and engaged presence. Maggie brings so much more than just coaching to our sessions with her experience in Human Design, Tarot and Spirituality. After a session with her I feel clearer and re-connected to myself.


Maggie embodies a both a calming and strengthening presence as a coach. Her grounded approach which is also soaring in its ambitions is a force for life change in both small and large ways. I highly recommend her for anyone interested in delving deeper and going farther in life! 

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