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1:1 Sessions

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1:1 sessions are rooted in Spiritual Development.

What does that mean?

  • For starters! Reminding clients that there is so much more to this world than our eyes can see and helping them to reconnect with their Souls. Or that part in each of us that always knows what is best and aims to lead us to our most enlivened life. That part in each of us that we tend to ignore because we think it's an inconvenient daydream. 

How do you help clients reconnect to their Souls?

  • It's as simple and as complex as it sounds. You share, I listen and offer intuitive feedback and ask questions that allow you to expand your awareness into deeper self-knowing. The container we create together is rooted in trust. 
Structure of a Session

  • I am trained in Life Coaching, Human Design, Tarot & Astrology and I incorporate all of these modalities into sessions. 
  • 1:1 sessions are co-created and curated based on your curiosities and needs. Solely Life Coaching? Life Coaching and Tarot Studies? Human Design Foundational reading? Let me know and we will flow!

My Reason is This

  • Real change only happened for me when I developed a sense of trust and faith in the unseen order of things. And I believe reconnecting to this energy is the key to courage for all of us. And courage, that allows us to chase those inconvenient daydreams.

To Schedule
  • Please email and we will find a mutually beneficial time to connect for a complimentary discovery call. This can be via Zoom, phone or even a few voice notes back and forth to see of we are a fit.

All sessions $150/hr.

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