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Hello, and Happy Monday from Bali.

Last week, I had the idea that I would write a blog every Sunday. And the blog’s structure would be a weekly recap plus some musings.

I don’t feel like doing that this morning. It’s not flowing as quickly as last week. But to maintain some consistency in my life, here we are. On Monday.

This past week was still hot in Bali! I primarily filled my days by myself, so last week seemed low-key. I was engaged in what I was doing and felt pleased with myself for adding structure to my days by working out, writing, and studying. My days are not always this free…but it is pretty great when they are.

I love learning and would spend most of my time reading or watching exciting videos if I could. This is not something I knew about myself growing up. School was boring, and my grades were meh…but I understand now that I wasn’t interested in the content.

A reminder to mind the stories that we tell ourselves!

Highlights and Learnings: 

  • I started streaming The Gaia Network. You can find it through Amazon Prime or Gaia.com. Its mission is “to create a transformational network that empowers the global evolution of consciousness.”
  • I started going to CrossFit again.
  • I visited many apartments to rent in May and found one here in Canggu!
  • I started studying human anatomy and watched an exciting video on fascia. Can watch it Here.
  • I drafted a blog about a recent fallout with a Yoga Guru…more to come.

Musing: I love coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. It makes me happy. And I crash hard a few hours after I have it. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I’m stubborn about this one. But I am noticing how much it affects my mood. If I want to find more balance in my days, my caffeine intake will have to change…eventually.

Learning:  My favorite insight from a Gaia series on Sacred Geometry was the definition of the Vesica Principle and a brief history of Lucifer and Satan (Not the same dude you guys).

Vesica Principle or Vesica Piscis is the symbol that represents the intersection between the spiritual and physical worlds or the unity of opposites—pictured below.

In movies, they often portray this idea with the Devil (Satan) on one shoulder and the Angel (Lucifer) on the other. It jests and implies that two choices tempt us: Good or Bad. Which one do we choose?

The Vesica Principle implies a third option, a middle or balanced way. The angel and the devil are metaphorical energies representing unbalanced spirituality and materialism. The idea that we are Either/ good or bad creates unrest in our unified selves.

Lucifer, often portrayed as the devil, falls from God’s grace due to sin, lands in the underworld, and transforms into Satan. However, this narrative does not constitute the true origin stories.

Lucifer means light bringer and represents the extreme of unbalanced spirituality. Lucifer is an energy that does not understand the purpose of incarnating as a human being on Earth. It sees humanity as messy and full of suffering. This energy shows up in human beings as a denial and avoidance of pain in pursuit of pleasure. Think of addictions and spiritually bypassing human reality (you know, insisting everything is love and light).

The story of Satan has origins in Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. This character is often pictured dwelling deep within the Earth, or “hell.” Its essence denies the existence of a higher power altogether and encourages human greed and obsession in the material world, or unbalanced materialism.

Since traversing a Spiritual path, I’ve often witnessed both of these energies within myself and others. A whole lot of people here in Bali are Lucifer-ing out…I kid. Kind of.

But I do believe in both worlds. I think there is an energetic source of all creation. I refer to it at times as All that is. Expanding our awareness to encompass The All enhances our human experience and inspires personal and creative potential.

I love studying ancient mysticism and discovering its relevance to human nature.

Thank you for reading, and be well!




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