High Vibe, Low Vibe and What that Even Means

There’s a lot of talk about vibes these days. I initially found it all… meh.

BUT. There is a truth and a science behind the over priced ‘high vibes only‘ coffee mug, which is this:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” – Albert Einstein

What Einstein discovered is that everything in the known universe is made of light vibrating at different frequencies, including the human body.

Yes, we are made of light. And we have the capability to do what no other known living creature can do, manipulate our energetic frequency.

Our frequency is essentially dictated by our emotions, which is dictated by how clear our energy channels are.

I’m going to add a quick visual here so that you have a better idea of what I mean.

The below chart shows the energetic frequency of different emotional states. It is called the Scale of Consciousness and was created by David Hawkins, written about in his book Power vs. Force.

The emotions that we consider positive have a higher vibration (hence the high vibes only).

So, how do we match our personal frequency to the emotional state we desire?


Our impulse is to avoid the less enjoyable feelings. We have many ways of doing this, we are quite creative in the ways of escapism. But you get me, the emotional frequencies of anger, grief, shame? No thank you. 

When we avoid emotions, they don’t magically go away. They become stored in our bodies, creating little bubbles of lower frequency emotions with nowhere to go, clogging our energy channels.

In order to release these bubbles, we eventually have to feel the emotion we are avoiding.

So you COULD say our mission in life, should we choose to accept, is to feel. (I’m sorry I recently saw that new Tom Cruise movie)

The upside is, once we allow the feeling, it releases. And we’re talking body work, so for all those who would rather not talk about it, you don’t have to.

We can clear our channels and activate flow in many ways. Kriya Yoga is the fastest … 🙂 Also music that moves you, breath work, time in nature, Reiki, acupuncture (and more) all help to increase our frequency.

For me, it’s always a nice reminder to allow all feelings without judgement.

Anywho, hope this was helpful!




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