What’s Your Why?

Isn’t that an annoying question.

…..pardon a brief interlude to share that I have tasked myself with blogging more, and on this wednesday morning I had one hour before work to do some writing.  I have five free minutes left, and the above is all I wrote…

So! With five more minutes I will attempt to answer my “Why.”

Why Life Coaching? Because it changed my life. 

And because I enjoy it. I’m fascinated by the human experience and curious about each of our stories.

We all share a lot of the same worries, fears and doubts, but underneath those our interests and curiosities vary a great deal. 

I believe that is because we are all here to do different things. 

We are here to follow our own curiosities and interests. I needed help remembering mine. 

And now I help people remember theirs. 

…time for work! How’d I do?




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